Special Programs

Nordic Walking


Nordic Walking is an effective way of walking with the help of a pair of poles. The movements of the arms, legs and body are equivalent to the rhythm of movements while walking firmly without poles. While performing Nordic Walking the arms and legs move in cloister and swing forward and backward. In order to obtain good training results it is very important to learn this rhythm before performing the actual Nordic Walking. The swing of the arms and the powerful placement of the pole on the ground have a strong effect on the length of the stride. A small arm swing means a limited pelvis rotation and shorter stride length. When the movement of the pole is larger, the length of the stride will also increase as well as the rotation in the pelvis and in the higher parts of the upper body. Using the arms effectively and learning good Nordic Walking techniques train almost all muscles of the body. Nordic Walking is considered a ‘total body workout’.

There are special Nordic Walking poles. These actually consist of two equipments: the walking poles and the Gymstick fitness tool. The poles can be converted to the Gymstick exercise bar in just a few seconds. This enables the walker to stop for a comprehensive body workout anytime, anywhere. The compact “fitness studio” does not disturb the walking anyhow – the walker will not even notice that the resistance bands are inside the shafts unless he/she needs them for training.

Gymstick Nordic walking and resistance training improves:

  • Cardiovascular fitness
  • Muscular endurance and core strength
  • Balance and flexibility
  • Muscular co-ordination
  • Fat loss and toning

Walking poles are sized to meet individual height requirements and length of stride. Elbows should be at a 90-degree bend to accommodate a relaxed grip.


Gliding has become the latest and greatest in total body training. Gliding turns traditional exercises into smooth, consistent, flowing patterns for unparalleled success. Using the gliding discs you can exercise every major muscle group in the body - classic exercise staples can be transformed into gliding motion. It is hard to believe an idea so simple, can produce such graceful power.

Mindy Mylrea created gliding discs. They resemble a Frisbee and can be used on carpet, hardwood floor and even on grass. The discs are made of different materials for the different mediums but whichever you chose, the same smooth, flowing action is obtained.